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Welcome to St Francis

Our Teacher is Mrs Turner

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs O'Connor

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Summer 2023-24

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Spring 2023-24

Y5 Topic Letter

Y5 Curriculum

Autumn 2023-24

Y5 Topic Letter 

Y5 Curriculum

Summer 2022-23

Y5 Topic Letter

Y5 Curriculum

Spring 2022-23

Y5 Topic Letter

Y5 Curriculum

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Summer Term 2024

As part of our work on Pentecost we discussed its meaning and symbols that are associated with it.  We then worked in groups to choreograph a dance that signified the important message of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit.

It was so great to see so many fathers in our class to celebrate our fathers!  Our fathers help us to create volcanoes to support our leaning in geography.  When they are all dry we will be painting the volcanoes in a pop-art style and using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to make them erupt!

The theme was 'stars'.  We had the chance to visit the dome, which was set up by the Winchester Science Centre. There was also a quiz where children reminded themselves how to stay safe from our star and we made bracelets and watched them react under UV light. We used different materials to discover which would be most effective at protecting us from this, concluding that covering in something which doesn't let light through is best, as is using plenty of sunscreen. We also had the opportunity to dissect a flower. As well as remembering that flowers need light from our star to grow, they learnt that there are different parts which a flower uses for reproduction.

Spring Term 24

In RHE we have been learning some basic First Aid knowledge, including the recovery position and the DR ABC primary survey. This involved us roleplaying so that we could practise DR ABC. This session was underpinned with the religious teaching that God created us to love Him and to love others, so we should look out for and care for one another.

In music we have been composing music about rivers as part of our geography unit of work.  We have used music by Andrew Lloyd Webber to help us with this.

During Science day we spent the day doing practical experiments and activities.  As part of many activities we made brain hats and learnt about the Vitruvian Man.

World Book Day – we all enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters!  Our teachers dressed up as the 3 witches from Macbeth!

Autumn Term 2023

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Science Day 2023

On science day, year 5 really enjoyed creating their Lunar Landers. 

Hooke Court 

Please enjoy photos from the year 5 residential at Hooke Court. 

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