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Relax Kids


What is Relax Kids?

Relax Kids supports children’s mental and emotional health and wellbeing with a range of tools and techniques to help calm their body and mind and build confidence and self-esteem

Why use Relax Kids?

Relax Kids sessions can benefit a child’s body, mind and emotional state.

Aims of Relax Kids

Help children learn basic relaxation and stress reducing techniques

• Help children appreciate the benefits of relaxation

• Develop concentration skills

• Become aware of feelings and how to manage them

  • Improve general behaviour

• Promote a positive self image and improve self esteem

• Improve school performance

  • More confidence and inner sense of security

• Better sleep and ability to relax

• Improved concentration, memory and listening skills

• More mental strength and alertness

How does it work?

  • Our course tutor is Kath Routledge who works extensively in local schools.
  • Kath comes into school on a regular basis and works with groups of children, using research based, mindful and relaxation techniques alongside values and positive psychology (positivity, strength building, gratitude, resilience and compassion) to help support children's emotional well -being.
  • The sessions last for approximately half an hour and a member of staff is always present to support Kath.


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