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School Staff 2023

Who’s Who at St Anne’s Catholic Primary School

Mrs Martine Sadie Head of School/SENCo/DSL
Mrs Roisin Turner

Deputy Head Teacher/DDSL

Y5 Teacher

KS2 Leader

Mrs Liz Larcher

Deputy Head Teacher/DDSL

Y1 Teacher

KS1 Leader

Miss Robyn Hall Year R Teacher
Mrs Georgina Dominey Year 2 Teacher
Miss Georgia Bulpitt Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Tanya Sidley Year 4 Teacher
Miss Amy Dillon Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Sharon Fulat Teacher 0.2 (Science)
Miss Karli McGinn Year 3 (til Feb 23), PPA and Management Cover
Mrs Michelle Burke Teaching Assitant/SENCo Assistant/ELSA
Mrs Tracy Elkins Teaching Assistant
Miss Charlene Harle Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lola Krueger Teaching Assistant/ELSA
Mrs Kelly O'Connor Teaching Assistant/TALA
Mrs Jemma Vermeulen Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kirsty Butler Teaching Assistant
Ms Sarah Roots Teaching Assistant
Miss Georgia Bultpitt Teaching Assitant
Miss Julie Burford Teaching Assistant
Miss Kathy Carery Teaching Assistant
Miss Hayley Josling Teaching Assistant
Mrs Michelle Jones Teaching Assistant
Mrs Barbara Hough School Business Manager
Mrs Barbara Barker

Snr Admin Assistant, DDSL

Mrs Christina Holton Librarian
Mr Nathan Sherwood-Eustace Caretaker
Miss Clare Jacks Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Carole Walsh Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Katie Reid Pre-School Manager
Mrs Lizzie Triner Deputy Pre-School Manager
Miss Tyeesha Lewis Pre-School Assistant
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