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Our approach to teaching science at St Anne’s is to build upon prior learning and skills and work towards clearly defined end points.

We develop children’s experiences and understanding of science and ignite their curiosity about the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics through encompassing memorable learning activities for example, through practical lessons and science themed days. 

The science coordinator has written a coherent and sequentially planned curriculum designed specifically for the school, taking into account the wider science capital of the children. This curriculum is well-resourced and gives children the opportunity to progress towards greater independence in their acquisition of both substantive and disciplinary knowledge.  

Our vision for science:

Children will develop their science capital through inspirational and engaging hands-on lessons that relate to the world they know beyond the classroom.

Children will question and use the full range of enquiry types to plan, complete and analyse their own investigations and will consider excelling at science an attainable goal.

What is science capital?

Co-ordinator: Mrs S Fulat

Science Policy 

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