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  • Learning is play based and takes place indoors and outside.
  • There is a balance between adult-led experiences (guided learning) and child-led experiences.
  • Adults take children’s interests and strengths as a starting point, seeing each child as a competent learner.
  • Parent involvement is crucial.  We learn a great deal about each child from there’re parents.  Parental support and a high-quality home learning environment make a huge difference to children.

We design our curriculum with the particular strengths and needs of the children of St-Annes in mind.  For example, many children are multilingual: we celebrate the different languages they speak and is spoken within there’re home.  We also put a strong focus on helping children to learn English.

  Our aspirations for the children are ambitious.  They provide an overview of many of the different things we would like children to know and be able to do.  The aspirations are adaptable to the particular children on roll.  We offer extra support and guidance to help every child to access the curriculum and to ensure they make progress through it.  Adults sensitively reduce there’re support over time so that children become more independent in there’re learning.  We recognise that every child will not make the same progress through the curricular aspirations and will learn at different stages and rates.  Where children move on quickly, our emphasis is on deepening there’re learning rather than introducing new skills or concepts.

  Our curriculum aspirations are shared with parents which helps parents to get involved and support their children’s learning at home. We design them as a result of there’re ‘All about me’ booklets and knowing the children in our care. 

Our 7 curricular aspirations


  • Become independent with dressing
  • Confident to interact with their peers
  • Retell a familiar story
  • Ride a balance bike and kick a ball
  • Threading using a variety of sized materials
  • Mark make with meaning
  • Count and recognise numbers 1-5 or 1-10
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