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Mastery Maths


At St. Anne's Catholic Primary School, we have begun a journey to develop and improve the teaching and learning of mathematics through ‘Teaching for Mastery’. Our school is part of the Solent Maths Hub, a government-funded initiative, to develop our expertise in Teaching for Mastery.

  • We want children to have:
  • Deep and sustainable learning
  • The ability to build on something that has already been sufficiently mastered
  • The ability to reason about a concept and make connections
  • Conceptual and procedural fluency

What will this look like in our classrooms?

  • The whole class works together on the same task, led by the teacher, so that all can access and master mathematics – no ability groups.
  • Challenge tasks are available in each lesson for all children to attempt, if they are ready.
  • Longer time spent on key topics, providing time to go deeper and embed learning - small, varied steps.
  • Mastery of the topic dictates when the class moves on, not arbitrary dates on a curriculum map.
  • Adults work more fluidly to address any difficulties in the moment.
  • Timely interventions (usually same-day) take place to address any obstacles to learning, so the children are ready for the next step.