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Gilbert White Field Studies Centre

To follow along with our love for muddy school trips we went to the Gilbert White Field Studies Centre in Selbourne. We were looking at our Geography topic this term which is rivers. We all got in the river and had a go at completing cross sections of the river, finding out how fast flowing it is, looking at where the water flows faster and seeing the different animals we could find.

We then hiked up to the top of a very  tall hill to see the river from above and we used sticks from the forest floor to create rivers which included the main features of TED: transportation, erosion and deposition. We had a brilliant time, have a look at some of the photos below.

Hooke Court Residential

On Wednesday 6th November we took a long coach journey to West Dorset where we arrived at Hooke Court, our residential centre for three days. We learnt a lot about our science topic, forces, and built rockets, boats and kites. On the Thursday we had our World War I day which was jam packed full of activities to help us understand what it was like to be a soldier in the war. We leant about the recruitment of officers, how to march with a bayonet, and how to make the food they would have eaten in the trenches. Then we mrched up to the trenches and took part in the duties a soldier would have done before charging over the front line into no-man's land. Here are some pictures of our time away together.

RE- Creation  


In RE we have been looking at the beatitudes and how they relate to our job as co-creators. We saw how artists had represented them and decided to create our own stained glass windows. We each chose a beatitude and thought about how we would show this off to the world- we're pretty proud with how they turned out!