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Welcome to St Francis!

Our teacher is Miss Hall. Have a look at the amazing things we have been doing!


Greek Day- Monday 19th May 

To celebrate the end of our Ancient Greek topic, we had a fun filled Greek Day.

  • We spent the part of the morning making our  own pitta breads and Greek inspired dips, which we feasted on to close the Olympic Games.  
  • We completed an alphabet hunt, locating all of the letters of the Greek alphabet hidden in the grounds. When we found them, we scanned the QR codes to see which of our letters/sounds they were closest to.
  • We went on a Maths adventure with Pythagoras, learning all about his amazing discoveries. We had a go at becoming angle experts ourselves by exploring his theorem.
  • We held our own Olympic Games with an opening ceremony with offerings to Zeus, chariot racing, javelin throwing, weighted jumps and a closing feast!
  • We created our own Greek vase pictures with geometric patterns.

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Topic letter - Summer Term 2022

Curriculum Map - Summer Term 2022

Topic Letter - Spring Term 2022

curriculum Map - Spring Term 2022

Topic Letter - Autumn Term 2021

Curriculum Map - Autumn Term 2021



In year 5, we have been learning all about our school Mission Statement and how to be good disciples. We identified the parts of our Mission Statement that were the most challenging and learnt more about what they mean. In groups, we wrote stories, produced comic scripts and plays to show our understanding of those parts. We shared these with the rest of our class and had a great time sharing our ideas. 

History- Hooke Court
In November, both Year 5s attended Hooke Court.

All the children took part in various educational activities that were delivered in fun and practical tasks. The two educational objectives were to learn more about our current science topic of forces and our current history topic of World War One.

Our World War One day certainly taught the children about life in the trenches and food that was eaten during the war. Children walked through muddy trenches, were taught to march, made remembrance poppies, prepared food such as spam, potatoes, cabbage and biscuits that they then got to eat. Many of the children declared an unknown liking for spam! The final activity was experiencing ‘going over the top’ of a trench. It was an exhilarating experience yet taught the children some sombre realities of going to war.

In their science activities they worked in teams to plan and build boats that would float on the lake at Hooke Court. The boats were fantastic and they all floated! Another science activity was plan and make a kite that was then taken outside to test if it would fly or not. The final science activity was again in teams, where the children planned and made rockets. We then took the rockets to a field where the Hooke Court tutors attached a small explosive device to mimic a real rocket taking off. The children then got to see, standing at safe distance behind a fence, their rocket zoom up into the sky. They went so high providing a thrilling end to our science activities.

The tutors remarked on how well behaved the children were and the staff that went on the residential certainly agreed with them. The children were fantastic.