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Roman Day

To complete our exciting Roman topic, we had a Roman Day!
On Roman Day, lots of us came into school in fantastic costumes and we took part in a range of Roman lessons. We took part in drama surrounding Boudicca's revolt, learnt all about how to use Roman numerals in Maths, worked together to make a life-sized mosaic of a solider and even disected Roman poo to learn more about their diets! To help us understand how and why the Romans created roads in Britain we made some amazing EDIBLE roads. We used a variety of ingredients to make up all of the layers and found out why their roads are so useful to us - even today.

Pizza Express

On the 24th September, Year 4 ventured to Pizza Express in town to learn how to make the perfect pizza. We enjoyed working with their staff to learn all about the steps needed to make a delicious treat which we had as a picnic back at school. After this trip, we wrote about our experience producing a range of recipes for others to follow.