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Welcome to St Dorothy!

Our teacher is Mr O'Rourke. Have a look at the amazing things we have been doing!


Dear St Dorothy’s Class,

How are you all?

I hope you are well and being helpful to your parents

I am missing you all. Not being in school with you seems very strange but we know how important it is to be where you are at the moment.

I hope you are managing to do your homework every weekday! It is important to keep your brains active and not forget everything we have learned this year. 

I have been putting up work on Education City to complete, so please do remember to log in. You can also do lots of other activities on Education City and on Purplemash.

Don’t forget about times tables Rockstars either. Well done to all of you that are logging in every day and completing your work.

Remember to find some time to read as well. I have just been reading a story about the Great Fire of London, with my daughter. I was surprised how quickly time passed while we were reading.

It is important to have a few moments of calm reflection every day. I ask God to help all the doctors and nurses all around the world. I ask God to help all of us and our families too.

I look forward to hearing all about what you have been doing and how you learning is going. In the meantime, I hope the nice weather continues and you have an enjoyable Easter with your families.

I shall write again next week.


Sending hope and the kindest wishes to you all,


Mr O’Rourke

Iron Age Day

On 14 October both Year 3 classes had a wonderful day of fun filled information and activities. The children though most exciting part of the day was their opportunity to try out their fighting skills.