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parent council


St. Anne’s Parent Council has been set up to give parents and carers a voice and bridge the gap between home and school, by representing EVERY family in St. Anne’s, not just those on the Parent Council.



Our Role



To support our school and put our children and their wellbeing first by building positive relationships between the school, parents/carers and the wider community




Our Aims



·      To assist in improving the school through effective communication of ideas and opinions of parents/carers

·      To suggest our own initiatives to improve our children’s environment and learning outcomes



We hope to achieve all of this by communicating your concerns, ideas and feedback to the school at our half termly meetings. So please don’t be shy. Talk to the Parent Council representative for your child’s class or write us an email and we will ensure your idea or feedback gets discussed with the Head of School, Mrs Sadie, at the next upcoming meeting. Outcomes and actions will be fed back through regular newsletters and posted on our noticeboard in the KS2 playground. Our meetings are also an opportunity to increase parents’ understanding of any issues or rationale behind decisions taken by the school. 





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