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Daily Update - Thursday 23rd April

To support home learning, we have signed up to Fiction Express.
Fiction Express is a fantastic website that will support children in Year 2-6 with their Literacy learning at home. There are times where it may also be appropriate for use by some children in Year 1 aswell.
This website is a fantastic resource with lots of books for your child to read and enjoy. Each book is written 'live' by a range of authors, meaning your child can vote on what they would like to happen in the story next and even interact with authors through forums. After reading each part of the book, there are quizzes to  check your child's understanding of what they have read.
In addition to the current 'live' books, there is a library of books that have previously been written and voted on for your child to read and complete quizzes about.
There are 3 levels of difficulty, and your child's class teacher will tell you which book is suitable for your child to read. Any information relating to this will appear on your child's weekly home learning grid.
To access Fiction Express:
Enter your username - this follows the format of first name followed by surname for all children. There are no spaces, no capital letters and no other types of punctuation (eg: hypens), if your surname has 2 parts to it, both are included in your username. For example: robynhall
Enter your password. This is a 4 digit number that has been sent out via text message to all parents today.
We hope that your child enjoys using this brilliant resource at home.