Welcome to St Francis!

Our teacher is Miss Argent. Have a look at the amazing things we have been doing!

Space Day

To launch our science topic 'Earth and Space' with a blast we held our very own space day at school where we paricipated in lots of activites which were out of this world!

First, we had a mission from the Doctor to help understand a new planet in the solar system. To do this we recreated our solar system and the movements of the planets around the sun.

Then we imagined the earth was the size of a raspberry. If the earth was this size, what size would all of the other planets be? We laid out all of the different fruits and toilet paper helped us work out the distance between the planets. The whole solar system ended up being the size of the playground!

 In creative we made constellation art, looking at the constellations which represent our star signs and using these to make our own cosmic creations.

Back in class we have also used Oreos to recreate the different phases of the moon by scraping the cream off and using it to show the illuminated parts of the moon.


Meet Our Chicks  

We were lucky enough to hatch 10 cuddly chicks in your classroom as past of our science topic on life cycles and gestation periods. Here are some of our newspaper reports on our experience.

Self Portraits

 In creative hour we have been creating our own self portraits, based on the work by Frida Kahlo. The background of her self portraits included things which were meaningful to her and reflected her hobbies and interests. We attemped to create our own which reflect us, as individuals.



Gilbert White

As part of our rivers topic we went to Gilbert White Field Studies Centre. When we were there we took part in some river studies including:

  • Measuring the shape of the riverbed
  • Measuring how fast the river moved at different points
  • Investigating what lived in the river and how it had adapted to living there 

We also discussed why people live near rivers and what the size of the river has to do with the population surrounding it.

We ended the day by climbing up a very tall hill and looking at the river from the height, mapping our own rivers by using what we dound on the forest floor.

Have a look at how much fun we had!