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Science trip to QMC – Friday 8th March 2019

St Catherine Class enjoyed our visit to QMC Science Centre where we took part in a carousel of science activities involving growth and survival.

Activity one

As babies of all animals grow up their bodies change shape. Limbs get longer, and heads and bodies get bigger as well. We looked at pictures of the adult humans and the babies and we built a model of a baby, toddler, child, teenager or an adult. Then we discussed how the proportions change as the body grows.

Activity two

All animals grow as they move from being a baby to being an adult. We investigated the question:

Do taller children have bigger feet?

Activity three

All living creatures need three things to survive - Food and water, Shelter, Oxygen from the air. We played a game to help us to discuss where various types of animals get the things that they need to survive.

Activity four

Every living organism has different stages in life and the appearance often changes as they change into an adult. We explored various animal’s growth by clipping together the life cycle arrow sections. We used the life stage words in the correct order, and we discussed the changes.