YR Admissions September 2018

This admissions round is now closed (15th January 2018).  If you are applying now you will be classed as a late application and your application will only be considered after all other applications have been processed unless exceptional circumstances merit earlier consideration.

If you move house after the application deadline you must send evidence of your new address to the County Admissions Team by 15 February 2018 (for Year R applicants).

Your new address will be considered for your application. You can change the schools named on your application if they are no longer appropriate. If you would prefer us to use the address previously provided, please let us know.

Address evidence received after 15 February 2018 cannot be considered for your application. It will be used to communicate the outcome of the application only.  For further information, please visit www.hants.gov.uk/admissions


For details of how to make a Late Application, please see the guidance at



Hampshire County Council will notify you of the outcome of your application on 18th April 2018.


Please note the Supplementary Information Form is applicable to our school only so if you are applying to other faith schools you will need to obtain and complete a copy of their SIF.


If you are considering a decelerated admission, please see the separate page under the Admissions crayon on the left hand side.   __________________________________________________________________________________


The following is from St Joseph's Catholic Church and is for their use only.

School Applications – St. Anne’s and St. Bede’s

Dear Parents, when you apply for a place at a Catholic Primary School you will be required to complete a Supplementary Information Form stating how often you have attended Sunday Mass for at least the past year.  You will need to ask Fr Chris to verify that the information which you provide regarding your Mass attendance is accurate. This provides the Governors of our Catholic schools with the information they need in order to rank each application.

 As you can appreciate St. Joseph’s is a large parish and it is increasingly difficult for Fr Chris always to notice who is present each Sunday.

 We would like, therefore, to offer you a Mass Attendance Card that you can have stamped / signed here or at St. Bede’s when you attend Sunday Mass[1].  The card is offered as a reassurance that your presence at Mass has been noted and is a great aid when you want Fr Chris to sign your Supplementary Information Form each year.

 If you are registered in our parish then this card should have been sent to you in the post. If you are not registered with us or have not yet received your card please contact the parish office and we will be pleased to make this available to you.

[1] In exceptional cases, for example due to work patterns, it will be necessary for you to attend weekday mass. In these cases your card will also be stamped/signed at these masses.